Archade Games


Avoid red dots, hit other dots for boosts, move around a lot for extra points, and stay alive. The instructions are simple; the game is not.

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Block Games


Stickjet Challenge

Dodge the obstacles on the way and collect all the stars you find in order to complete the game like a king. Have fun! Good luck!

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Ranger Vs Zombie

Ranger vs Zombies – this is very cool game in which you are the brave ranger, kills zombies in the air and on land, with shotgun and special skills ranger calling: firestorm, lightning and cold ice. To collect all the items, improvements, coins and prove you’re the best in the WORLD RANGER!

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Tank Defender

Tank Defender is a shooting game in which you must defend your land by shooting down the enemy planes. If you allow them to pass over, they will start dropping bombs. Try to stop the planes or, failing that, shoot the bombs to make them explode before they hit the ground.

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Kids Zone

Candy Blocks

Sudoku is a puzzle game designed for a single player, much like a crossword puzzle. Such games are a great way to: Build mental strength; Help children learn …

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